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Prepare for your job interview!

Finding a job is not always easy. Recruiters receive a lot of candidates and knowing how to stand out makes all the difference. Indeed, the image of Self is very important and conveys around us a message either positive or negative.

Being comfortable with your image, knowing how to present yourself well, highlighting your qualities without overdoing them, avoiding pitfalls during the interview and above all working on your image in order to be credible and inspire confidence in the recruiter, is therefore essential.

Through the "Self Image and Communication" workshop, I propose:

  • improve your image
  • learn to introduce yourself
  • master non-verbal communication
  • study its colour and style
  • to know the psychology of colours.

The workshop lasts 2 hours and perhaps in presentation or online. 

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Improve your image to positively impact your environment!

"Style is a way of saying who you are without talking! Rachel Zoe

The image board is au_delà appearances, it's revealing your best version, erasing the negative to accentuate the positive!

The image of Self, positive or negative, influences our environment and our surroundings. So it is very important to master it, whether in the private and/or professional domain!

Image advice allows an individual to improve their image, discover their strengths and strengthen their identity. We are in a society where appearance, look and style play an important role. It is therefore imperative to control one's image, in order to send positive information back to our environment, and to those around us.

The image advice, unlike the makeover, is based on the style, the personality of the client.

The makeover on the contrary is based, on the dictates of fashion, trends, often aimed at transforming a person.

As you will have understood, the image advice is not intended to transform in spite of your identity and your tastes. It's about better revealing yourself.

It is an accompaniment, which takes place in several stages, which will take place both physically and emotionally. Under no circumstances will I choose for you, it is done together, I will pay attention to your style, your personality as well as your taste for dress!

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Look Workshop!

With friends, colleagues or family, come and discover your colorimetry and your morphology!

Playful and interactive workshop! Good mood and friendliness assured! 😉

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ZANMIS Workshop

group workshop

Playful workshop, in all conviviality between friends, family, colleagues.

friendliness, relaxation

In a good mood, come and discover your strengths and improve your image!

"Fashion goes out of fashion, style never!"

Coco Chanel

Our about


Image tip/makeover

Value your image capital, reveal your true identity by discovering your colors, your season and your morphology!

Personal development advice

Boost your potential and discover your abilities, your skills in a positive and effective way!

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Personal Shopper remotely

Saving time

No need to move around or break your head looking for the right items!

Protect yourself

In this time of health crisis, it will better limit the queues, because yes we are deconfinated but the virus is still present.

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The colorimetry test

Discover your colours

You will know the colors that enhance you, the ones that make you look good. You will now be able to choose your colors of clothing, makeup, and hairstyle!

Saving time and money

No need to get lost in the choice of your colors. You will go directly to the essentials and especially to those of your season!