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Rebuild after a toxic relationship in 4 steps.

Getting out of a toxic relationship is never easy. It requires courage, willpower and determination. BUT ONCE WE GET OUT OF THIS DESTRUCTIVE RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE TO REBUILD OURSELVES!Because often our esteem, our image, and our confidence took a hit. You feel washed out, drained, without any energy with a feeling of having to start from scratch.

So how do you rebuild after a toxic relationship?

I still think it is important to define or redefine what a toxic and abusive relationship is.

What is a toxic/abusive relationship?

A toxic relationship is defined by the fact that one (or both partners) feels bad, feels a deep discomfort being and discomfort in the couple. The term toxic is already in itself indicative of the dangerousness of the relationship. This gives what destroys, breaks and hurts. This relationship is harmful to partners; there is no respect, no understanding (in general conflicts are daily), communication is often broken or non-existent.

A relationship is toxic when one finds yourself in fear of the other, guilt; when you're plunged into guilt, shame. If you have lost esteem and confidence; when our image of ourselves is devalued, degraded by the other.

You have this feeling of always being defensive, you don't feel safe anymore. Physical and psychological abuse is common.

Take time for yourself after a toxic relationship!

Many after a toxic or healthy relationship, often desire themselves or this tendency to get back into a relationship. Sometimes it's to forget, not to be alone, but it's a serious mistake especially after a toxic relationship.

Why?Simply because the wounds have not been healed. We find in us the stigma of this relationship. So we enter into a new relationship with all our emotional baggage, and a certainty this baggage can end all relationships.

An injured wild animal becomes very aggressive even when you try to help it. And that's what will happen with untreated injuries. Take a time for yourself to heal, to understand what led us to this relationship.


It's time to indulge our passions, pleasures. Doing things you love, going out, meeting new friends. It is important not to be isolated. The more busy we are and the less we will experience past pains, it allows us to focus on ourselves. ; set new life goals. Goals are stimuli, which motivate us and give us goals. So we focus on the essentials and move forward.

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Start a healing process

To move forward, we need to draw a line under the past, on all that could have hurt us and hurt us. To cut ties with this past, the solution is forgiveness.

Forgiveness to God, forgiveness to oneself and to others.

Forgiveness is a power that liberates. it allows you to let go, to recognize, to accept and to make a fresh start. It is important to forgive ourselves to get out of the guilt that pulls us down and regrets.

Set up a coaching or therapy!

Coaching is a great starting point for a new start. First, coaching helps to enhance one's image and secondly to regain esteem and confidence. After a toxic relationship we have a degraded image of ourselves and a zero esteem. Coaching will be that boost!

However, many people have concerns about doing coaching or therapeutic follow-up. Indeed, there is this belief that seeing a therapist is a sign of mental illness. whereas not at all; quite the contrary.

Therapeutic follow-up will help to pinpoint the reasons why the same type of people are attracted; but will also help us regain confidence, and heal from these emotional wounds. The fact of speaking and being listened to, raw, frees us from anger, shame, guilt and hatred. Emotions often related to injustice, humiliation, betrayal and rejection.

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Coming out of a toxic relationship is already a great victory, but we don't always come out of it unscathed. Marked by our wounds we need to rebuild ourselves in order to break this pattern of destruction imprinted in us through this abusive relationship. Often to get up it will be a process, the steps to be taken. There will be moments of doubt, weeping, anger and bitterness; but the most important thing is to never give up.

Whatever the physical or emotional injury, it will take time to heal. The importance is to think that there is a future ahead of us and that this ordeal will allow us to improve because we survived.A young woman lost her mind after breaking up with a man she didn't know was married while she was expecting her child. Another committed suicide because of a narcissistic pervert, this article will allow you to discern what a narcissistic pervert is

All this to tell you that if we are still here, it is not over for us. There's something good we're attracted to.

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